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Truveta in-house team of solar professional tries to make top-quality, trustable and advanced solar designs by choosingpartsrooted on globallevel in convincement, extendibility and inferiorunsuccessful rates. Our complete experience makes sure valuedominant engineering resolutions for further the most complex site. We are the capability to perform projects on-budget and within given time due to their large experiencesupplying EPC services. This fully efficiency and companysuretyquick investment recovery in the long time. The intense skilled and faithful EPC Team at truveta Solar insures the perfection of each solar project from belief to commissioning accompanied its operation and maintenance for the full life span of the plant. Technically it is not concerned to engineering, procurement and construction clutter, but we besidehelp our customer in financial closing based on our excellent partnership with banks and other financial institutions.

What are the roles of an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company?
An EPC is a team or system that will, generally, install the solar plant. It is involved in all dimension begin from engineering design (including solar system, civil and structural, and electrical design), procurement and construction of a solar PV power plant. The detailed roles of an EPC are as follows:

Engineering: Site inspection, technology evaluation and collecting, and inter communion needs Procurement: taking the necessary estate, regression, instrument and company partners for installations beneath as stipulated time duration and investment.

Construction: building of all facet of the power plant, onsite monitoring, detailed project proposal and action plan, construction help and planning, quality management system, project management and planning.