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Net Metering supports households using Solar Rooftop Installation and bring authentic power from Solar energy which vary from day to night and summer to winter. But it also comewith apunnet of other advantage to households using them and the society. With net metered Solar Rooftop Installation, you only covey for the shortage power consumed i.e. the distinction between the power used by the household from the grid(DISCOM) and the solar power produced from the panels. This enoughreduce your electricity bill and you protectaenormous chunk of your hard-earned money.

Net Metering is billing process for grid connected Rooftop Solar Installation where The electricity produced by the solar panels is pass into the utility grid Household draws electricity from the utility grid The client needs to pay only for the difference between the electricity units it consumes from the grid and the electricity units transferred into the grid. This is scale by a bi-directional meter called Net Meter. In the case of client producing net extra power during a month or a particular billing cycle, it earns money for the excess electricity transferred to the grid. This credit is carried forward to the next billing cycle when the credit is deducted from the total power bill of the consumer. This decrease power bill of the customer significantly as it only has to pay for the net electricity it uses from the utility grid.