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Solar power systems receive clean, pure energy from the sun. Installing Solar PV plant on your property helps to flight against greenhouse gas emissions and make help to decrease our mass dependence on fossil fuel. conventional electricity is sourced from fossil fuels such as coal and thermal. When coals are burned to generate electricity, they eject harmful gases that are the elementaryreason of air pollution and global climate change. Not only coals are bad for the nature, but they are also a limited quantity. Because of this, the price is constantly increasingand this source of energy will befinished infew years.

Solar energy also improve public health. Coal and natural gas plants produce air and water pollution that is harmful to human health. But replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources, such as solar power, can reduce famine mortality as well as overall health care costs.

Although fossil fuel production requires significant water resources and causes water pollution, solar energy requires little to no water to operate. So, not only does solar power not pollute water resources, it also doesn’t put a strain on the world’s water supply.

Solar power also works during a drought or heat wave. Coal, natural gas and nuclear power use large amount of water for cooling. During heat waves or severe droughts, as we’ve experienced in recent years, electricity generation is at risk. But solar power systems do not require water to generate electricity.